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Website online November 2005.

28 Novemer 2005, 3 pics added to bridal gallery and 4 pics added to the
eveningware gallery.

9 October 2006, 1 pic added to dance gallery and 2 pics added to the
bridesmaid gallery.

November 2007 site style e.t.c. changed and many more pictures
added to all the galleries.

Feb 2008 Guestbook added.

May 2008, many pics added to site, plus a classes section. These
classes will be held in Abakhan.
Removed gothic gallery and added features gallery.

October 2008, pics now added to bridesmaid gallery 2.
Link page updated.

August 2009, pics added to bridesmaids, brides, fancy dress
and eveningware gallery. Course dates for 2009 - 2010 added.

December 2009, new pics added to Eveningware, bridesmaid, brides
and fancydress gallery.